LCMV #1 Berlin

LCMV #1 BERLIN — the first edition in our new series of curated slideshows with emerging and established international photographers — took place on Saturday, Nov 2nd 2013 at Das Gift Berlin/Neukölln in conjunction with the annual art festival NACHTUNDNEBEL 2013, and was melodiously accompanied by live music by f.s.blumm.

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LCMV #1 Berlin | musician f.s.blumm

Local Colors May Vary (LCMV) #1 BERLIN | Event poster Nov 2nd 2013, at Das Gift Berlin/Neukölln

Local Colors May Vary (LCMV) #1 BERLIN Nov 2nd 2013, at Das Gift Berlin/Neukölln Photo © Frank Silberbach

Local Colors May Vary (LCMV) #1 BERLIN | musician f.s.blumm Nov 2nd 2013, at Das Gift Berlin/Neukölln Photo © Katja Avant-Hard

Oliver and I would like to say thanks for the huge overall interest, for the wonderful musical accompaniment by Frank Schültge aka f.s.blumm, and naturally to all participating photographers!

We’re exhausted, but happy.. — and excitedly looking forward to LCMV #2! (theme tbd, maybe “TURKEY”)
If you would like to take part in LCMV #2, either as a photographer or live musician for that night, please follow LCMV on Tumblr/Facebook, or sign up to ACMV’s newsletter in order to be notified about our next open call for entries!

Local Colors May Vary (LCMV) is a series of curated slideshows, combining contemporary photography with live music by international artists – with the aim of creating a varicolored overall picture of the respective theme (city/country) and promoting the work of emerging and established photographers & musicians.

Each edition of LCMV focuses on a different country, area or city, and is accompanied by live music emphasizing the respective theme and local culture.

LCMV takes place in Berlin/Neukölln approximately every 2-3 months and is a project by Actual Colors May Vary {ACMV} – an international online magazine for contemporary fine-art photography, founded and edited by Julia Schiller & Oliver Schneider.

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