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Actual colors may vary. Part 1, Sardegna

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Actual colors may vary” has initially been the name given to our online magazine for photography/music/art/film, edited by Oliver Schneider and myself. This first ACMV book collects both of our photographs from a travel to Sardinia in 2010.

„We don’t see things like a camera does. We don’t care about a neutral grey. We are aware of the impossibility of capturing cultures, things, persons or even minds. We don’t think this is working. Let’s stop thinking for a moment. Let’s stop everything for a moment and taste rich cheese, black wine, bitter honey, soft rocks and green waters.“

Self published, July 2010, order here
Hardcover, black linen cover with Dust Jacket / 10×8 inches / 148 GSM Premium Paper, matte finish / 176 pages

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