Julia Schiller

born in Landshut (* 1980), lives and works as a photographer and freelance art director in Berlin.
Together with Oliver Schneider she founded Actual Colors May Vary {ACMV} in 2010, an international online magazine for contemporary photography. They also run Local Colors May Vary (LCMV) – a series of curated, themed slideshows combining photography with live music by international artists. In March 2015 Julia launched PiB | Photography in Berlin – a new platform for fine art photography in Berlin.

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  • KLEISTER Weiber
    March 8, 2015
    In celebration of International Women’s Day
    Curated by Kaetha
  • Julia Schiller – Variable Constant
    , Berlin Mitte
    February 18 – March 17, 2015
    Curated by Christian Reister


  • “12.06.14″
    Home@735 Gallery, Sydney, Australia
    Curated by Anthony Bautovich and Madeleine Preston


  • Dancing Darkness
    Patton Foundation Gallery / Saarbruecken, Germany
    Curated by Elliott Paul Grant
    Public space: Gleimtunnel / Berlin, Germany
    Curated by Kaetha (hannah goldstein & Katja Haustein)
  • IN TRANSIT – The view of the other
    Part of the 5th European Month of Photography Berlin / EMoP Berlin
    Public space: Ostkreuz railway station / Berlin, Germany
    Curated by Jaana Pruess
    TACTIC Gallery / Cork, Ireland
    Curated by Pamela Condell and Padraig Spillane (Stag & Deer)
  • (Un)familiar
    Carte Blanche Gallery / San Francisco, CA, United States
    APA SF Curator’s Voice Exhibition
    Curated by Gwen Lafage


Selected Online Publications & Features

Phases MagUYW / Unless You Will Issue #22, FototazoWandering BearsFotoFilmic FILM TALKS #08zzzzoomLa beauté de PandoreC-41 Photography MagazineSMBHmag (SuperMassiveBlackHole) Issue #9a picture a day, …

Other activities

Bubble & Scrape – Contours of personal utopias
Ed Alcock, Jenny Fitz, Tom Griggs
Exhibition: November 7 – 20, 2014
Das Gift, Berlin / Neukölln
Part of Monat der Fotografie OFF Berlin 2014
Curated by Actual Colors May Vary (Julia Schiller / Oliver Schneider)

piK Magazine #05
Introductory words for issue #5 of the photography print magazine curated by Isabelle Evertse.
#5 was launched in January 2014 at Le Bal, Paris.

Belfast Photo Festival 2013
“Actual Colors May Vary” (Oliver Schneider & Julia Schiller) presented a
talk & curated projection focusing on the theme of Spectacle in Photography.


Photograph © Jenny Fitz