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uyw / Unless you will | Issue Nº22

Extraordinarily happy to see ‚Almost There‚ featured in uyw / Unless you will | Issue Nº22 – edited by artist/photographer Heidi Romano – alongside great work by Jeremy Dyer, Li Hui, Chris Round and Jon Horvath.

uyw / Unless you will, curated and founded by Australian photographer/art director/artist Heidi Romano, is an online journal that showcases a vision within photo-based art. Her goal is to bring together a collection of notable photographers from around the world and present their work.
A big believer in online and offline communities, Heidi was the founder and festival director of Photobook Melbourne (2014-2016) and curated Unless You Will, one of the first online photography magazines (2009 – 2014). Unless You Will also morphed into a one-off weekend of photography conversations in early 2017.

Sometimes a photo can evoke high feelings of emotion or nostalgia and in a roundabout way it becomes a means of expressing ourselves as photographers. UYW strives to showcase photographers who add layers of meaning and capture these feelings. Their images are a happiness measurement, they give us pleasure, rekindle a memory, or trigger other emotions of their own. Our aim is to showcase these talented artists without too many frills, who work with the notions of play, honesty and craftsmanship.

Group hugs all round. UYW would not have happened without all artists involvement.

uyw / Unless you will Nº22
Featured artists:

From page 4
JULIA SCHILLER | Almost there

From page 26

From page 48
LI HUI | Life in a coma

From page 68
CHRIS ROUND | 21st Century Settler

From page 86

Introduction for UYW Issue #22 by Heidi Romano:

Taking an image and freezing a moment, reveals just how rich our reality is. “Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it” – as Confucius noted.

I have been researching contemporary photography for a little while now, and I never seem to tire when I discover beauty. And this is the question. What is beauty? I am sure this must be one of the most asked questions in philosophy. Plato looked for it, Aristotle searched for it, and who am I to tell you what beauty is? Looking back through history I have noticed it changes and shifts, but some sense of a similar attitude to beauty remains.

In this little space here I can not tell you what beauty is, other then that beauty is a personal aesthetic which is informed by ones cultural heritage, personal history and experience. It doesn’t sound like much, but all added up, it might make us notice, or think about beauty in a different way. Beauty for me is a sense, a feeling, like stepping into the images, becoming part of them, enjoying the moment – taking that image. With this in mind, go and explore – download the full issue #22 here, or view the spreads above.

Between 2009-2014 Heidi Romano presented a collection of notable photographers from around the world in Unless You Will Journal, one of the first online magazines for photography.

Over five years and 30 editions, the journal was viewed over one million times, and featured some 150 artists including Muge, Alec Soth, Amy Friend, Roger Ballen, Meghann Riepenhoff and Ron Jude.

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