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Julia Schiller

Julia Schiller (* 1980, Landshut, Bavaria) currently lives and works as a photographer, publisher and freelance art director in Berlin.

She studied media design, photography and communication management and started her career as an art director in Munich, followed by Athens, Greece, where she lived for a couple of years and worked as a creative director in advertising.

Julia is based in Berlin, Germany since 2006, where she founded the online magazine Actual Colors May Vary {ACMV} in 2010 together with Oliver Schneider. With ACMV they introduced new talents in photography, organized and curated exhibitions & events in Berlin, and participated in international photo festivals. They also run Local Colors May Vary (LCMV) – a series of curated, themed slideshows combining photography with live music by international artists.

Motivated by an ever-growing passion for fine art photography, Julia founded PiB — Photography in Berlin in spring 2015. PiB is a bilingual (de/en) platform for artistic & documentary photography and is dedicated to presenting highlights from Berlin’s vibrant photography scene – on PiB’s website, in the weekly e-newsletter, and in the bi-monthly printed PiB Guide, which has by now attracted a substantial amount of international annual subscribers.

Via ele studio, founded in 2017, Julia & Oliver offer art direction for print & web, focusing on projects in the cultural & social sector.

Julia is a member of Saloon Berlin, the network for female professionals in Berlin’s art scene.

Contact: hello (at) photography-in.berlin
Instagram @julia.schiller_
LinkedIn juliaschiller
Facebook strawberrycakesforever

Julia Schiller, photo by © Jenny Fitz
Julia Schiller, photo by © Jenny Fitz



  • KLEISTER Weiber
    March 8, 2015
    In celebration of International Women’s Day
    Curated by Kaetha
  • Julia Schiller – Variable Constant
    , Berlin Mitte
    February 18 – March 17, 2015
    Curated by Christian Reister


  • “12.06.14″
    Home@735 Gallery, Sydney, Australia
    Curated by Anthony Bautovich and Madeleine Preston


  • Dancing Darkness
    Patton Foundation Gallery / Saarbruecken, Germany
    Curated by Elliott Paul Grant
    Public space: Gleimtunnel / Berlin, Germany
    Curated by Kaetha (hannah goldstein & Katja Haustein)
  • IN TRANSIT – The view of the other
    Part of the 5th European Month of Photography Berlin / EMoP Berlin
    Public space: Ostkreuz railway station / Berlin, Germany
    Curated by Jaana Pruess
    TACTIC Gallery / Cork, Ireland
    Curated by Pamela Condell and Padraig Spillane (Stag & Deer)
  • (Un)familiar
    Carte Blanche Gallery / San Francisco, CA, United States
    APA SF Curator’s Voice Exhibition
    Curated by Gwen Lafage


Select Online Publications & Features

Phases MagUYW / Unless You Will Issue #22, FototazoWandering BearsFotoFilmic FILM TALKS #08zzzzoomLa beauté de PandoreC-41 Photography MagazineSMBHmag (SuperMassiveBlackHole) Issue #9a picture a day, …

Kinda old social media profiles: Tumblr | Facebook (photography page) | Xing

Other activities

Bubble & Scrape – Contours of personal utopias
Ed Alcock, Jenny Fitz, Tom Griggs
Exhibition: November 7 – 20, 2014
Das Gift, Berlin / Neukölln
Part of Monat der Fotografie OFF Berlin 2014
Curated by Actual Colors May Vary {ACMV} (Julia Schiller & Oliver Schneider)

piK Magazine #05
Introductory words for issue #5 of the photography print magazine curated by Isabelle Evertse.
#5 was launched in January 2014 at Le Bal, Paris.

Belfast Photo Festival 2013
„Actual Colors May Vary“ (Oliver Schneider & Julia Schiller) presented a
talk & curated projection focusing on the theme of Spectacle in Photography.

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