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2014, Feb

piK Magazine Issue #05

Had the pleasure to write the intro for piK Magazine Issue #05, published by photographer Isabelle Evertse.

2013, Nov

Print sale

I’m having a print sale with a selection of motifs from my recent series.

2013, Dec

Local Colors May Vary (LCMV) #2 | Open Call

Photographic submissions for the 2nd edition of LCMV – themed “Turkey” – are now open! LCMV is our new series of curated slideshows that combines contemporary fine-art or documentary photography with live music by international artists.

2013, Nov

Local Colors May Vary (LCMV) #1 Berlin

Very happy about the first edition of our new event series, Local Colors May Vary (LCMV) #1 Berlin, which took place at Das Gift in Berlin-Neukölln!

2013, Oct

Local Colors May Vary (LCMV)

Logo design & launch of LCMV.

2013, Sep

FotoFilmic | FILM TALKS #08

Oliver Schneider & i got interviewed by FotoFilmic

2013, Sep

ACMV Postcards feat. Maxwell Anderson’s ‚Pink Horse‘

New promo postcards with a motif by Maxwell Anderson for our photography blog ACMV.

2013, August


I answered 7 questions for zzzzoom.

2013, August


Artist Stuart Pilkington has invited 100 photographers from around the world to participate in his latest collaborative project BOOK • FILM • PAINTING.

2013, June

Belfast Photo Festival 2013 & Actual Colors May Vary {ACMV}

“Actual colors may vary {ACMV}”, the online magazine for photography curated by myself & Oliver Schneider, was invited to take part in the Belfast Photo Festival 2013!

2013, May

Feature on C41 Photographic Magazine

C41, an online magazine of photography edited by Alek Dobrohotov and Luca Attilio Caizzi, featured a selection of my works.

2013, May

Actual Colors May Vary {ACMV} | Spectacle

Our call for entries for „Spectacle“ is now open on Actual Colors May Vary {ACMV} – the blog for photography curated by myself & Oliver Schneider.

2013, Mar

Wandering Bears feat. Variable Constant

Feature of my series Variable Constant on Wandering Bears.

2013, Mar

roseamer | Diptyque #106

One of my photographs became an inspiration for one of roseamer’s diptychs.

2013, Jan

Phases Magazine | Variable Constant

My series Variable Constant is featured on Phases Mag, hurray!

2013, Jan

Urbanautica | Dancing Darkness

Our recent group exhibition Dancing Darkness, curated by artist/painter Paul Elliot Grant, is featured on Steve Bisson’s Urbanautica. Thanks, Steve!

2012, Nov

Dancing Darkness | Patton Foundation Gallery

Artist Elliott Paul Grant invited me to take part in the group exhibition Dancing Darkness hosted by the Patton Foundation Gallery in Saarbruecken, Germany.

2012, Nov


Thrilled to take part in KLEISTER NORD, a one-day exhibition in public space, curated by Hannah Goldstein and Katja Klemm.

2012, Oct

IN TRANSIT – The view of the other

In the framework of the 5th EMOP Berlin 2012 – European Month of Photography I had the opportunity to take part in the participative exhibition project IN TRANSIT, curated by Jaana Pruess, on view at the OSTKREUZ railway station.

2012, Sep

ASPECT | Tactic Gallery

Glad to participate in ASPECT, a group show in the framework of THERE THERE – a photographic event in Cork City, curated by Stag & Deer and anchored by Viviane Sassen.

2012, Aug

uyw / Unless you will Nº22

Very happy to see my series Almost There. being featured in Heidi Romano’s uyw / Unless you will Nº22, alongside work by Jeremy Dyer, Li Hui, Chris Round and Jon Horvath.

2012, June

(Un)Familiar | Gallery Carte Blanche

Following an open call by Gallery Carte Blanche, San Francisco, my submission received an honorable mention and was exhibited in the resulting group show.

2012, June

Artist profile on Art Photo Index (API)

I’ve been invited to be part of the new international photography platform Art Photo Index (API), developed by Santa Fe’s renowned photo-eye.

2012, May

Fraction Magazine Issue 38

Feature in the 4th Anniversary Issue of Fraction Magazine, published by David Bram.

2012, May

Feature on T-arte Tatin

Got featured on T-arte Tatin. „One image for every day. The emerging artists in the world of photography.“

T-arte Tatin
2012, April

QBF Quick Brown Fox

My contribution to Quick Brown Fox (QBF) by Alex Rose.

2012, April

SMBHmag | Blog

Images from my series Diaphanous are featured on SMBHmag’s blog.

SMBHmag | Issue #9 Alternative Vision
SMBHmag | Issue #9 Alternative Vision
SMBHmag | Issue #9 Alternative Vision | From the series 'slightly misplaced' © Julia Schiller
SMBHmag | Issue #9 Alternative Vision | From the series 'slightly misplaced' © Julia Schiller
2011, Dec

SMBHmag | Issue #9 Alternative Vision

SMBHmag | Issue #9 Alternative Vision, published by Irish artist Barry W Hughes, featured my series Slightly Misplaced.

2011, Dec


Happy to have an image from my series Almost There. featured on fototazo! fototazo is a unique site combining social giving and photography, and is edited by photographer/educator Tom Griggs, who currently lives in Medellín, Colombia where he teaches photography at La Universidad de Antioquia and at Fundación Univeritaria Bellas Artes.

2011, Nov

(please excuse the mess)

Received a feature on (please excuse the mess) – curated by Stephanie Gonot!

2011, Oct

Umter Magazine Nº3

Umter Magazine Nº3, edited by Joe Gasior, featured some of my work! Featured artists: Leanne Downs, Ellen Jantzen, Matt Kerr, Jessica MacDonald, Kati Mennett, Dead Porcupine, Julia Schiller, Paris Visone.

2011, Sep


Photo of the day at FotoVisura!

2011, July

fLIP Magazine | Fantasy Issue

My work was featured in the Fantasy Issue of the British fLIP Magazine.

2008, Oct

Galerie Ina Köhler | Lost in the City

As part of the 3rd EMOP Berlin 2008 – European Month of Photography, I was invited by Galerie Ina Köhler to take part in the group show Lost in the City – alongside Daniel Biscan, Sebastian Klug, Christian Reister, Sebastian Schmidt and Timo Wulff.

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