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Variable Constant at Fenster61 Berlin

20 images from my series Variable Constant will be on display at FENSTER61 from February 18 – March 17, 2015.
So if you happen to walk by Torstraße 61 in Berlin Mitte, sneak a peek. My huge thanks to Christian Reister, photographer & curator of FENSTER61.

Julia Schiller’s work “Variable Constant” traces changes in the façade of a house over time. The series is a search for answers to personal questions: How much of us is just a façade? Is it really beneficial to blend in with the environment, like a chameleon? Can an image actually depict reality? What constitutes authenticity? What is real, and what is just an illusion? (…) Every day and every minute changes us. Some changes happen so slowly that they can only be made visible if they are followed over a longer period of time; others are difficult to capture and can only be perceived intuitively, if at all.

Julia Schillers Arbeit »Variable Constant« betrachtet eine Hausfassade im Wandel der Zeit. Die Serie ist eine Suche nach Antworten auf persönliche Fragen. Wieviel von uns ist Fassade? Ist es von Nutzen, sich wie ein Chamäleon seinem Umfeld anzupassen? Kann ein Bild die Wirklichkeit wiedergeben? Worin liegt der Ursprung von Authentizität? Was ist echt, was Illusion? (…) Jeder Tag, jede Minute verändert uns. Manchmal geschieht dies so langsam, dass Veränderungen nur im zeitlichen Vergleich sichtbar werden – andere hingegen sind schwer zu fassen und können bestenfalls intuitiv wahrgenommen werden.

Print Sale

The prints are also available for purchase in a limited edition of 1. Each print is one of a kind.
Size: 31 x 21 cm, printed on Fuji Crystal Archive Paper Type II with a matte finish; Price: 120 €.
Please drop me a line if you are interested.


FENSTER61 (“WINDOW61″) uses an approx. 2 by 2 meter shop window in the very busy Torstraße, near subway Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz in Berlin Mitte.
Since 2005 photographers are presented in monthly changing exhibitions with works that more or less deal with Berlin. FENSTER61 is not a gallery. FENSTER61 doesn’t have opening hours, since the visitor is in a public space. The window is lit at night.

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