Bubble & Scrape – Contours of personal utopias

As Actual Colors May Vary {ACMV} – the online magazine for photography I run together with Oliver Schneider – we are proud to present the first exhibition curated by ACMV in Berlin, as part of the Monat der Fotografie-OFF Berlin 2014. Bubble & Scrape – Contours of personal utopias Ed Alcock, Jenny Fitz, Tom Griggs [...]

ACMV Postcards feat. Maxwell Anderson’s ‘Pink Horse’

You love photography, pink horses, AND writing postcards?! Unbelievable. In that case, you may read on… We are very proud of our beautiful new postcards for Actual Colors May Vary {ACMV} – an online magazine for photography – featuring Maxwell Anderson‘s supremely colorful “Pink Horse” motif! The ACMV Postcard Set is available for order on [...]

Belfast Photo Festival 2013

ACMV – that is Oliver and I – was invited to take part in the Belfast Photo Festival 2013. We met lots of great folks, saw an insane amount of great photography, and had tons of fun. Festival Director Michael Weir even arranged for truly splendid weather during the opening weekend – which was nice [...]

Spectacle | Call for Entries

Our Call for Entries for “Spectacle” is now open on Actual Colors May Vary {ACMV}. Recognising that “Spectacle” sits at the very heart of photography’s identity and history, we invite photographers to submit photographic projects that interrogate, challenge and extend notions of visual spectacle. Selected images will be featured in a public screening during the [...]