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Belfast Photo Festival 2013 & Actual Colors May Vary {ACMV}

“Actual colors may vary {ACMV}”, the online magazine for photography curated by myself & Oliver Schneider, was invited to take part in the Belfast Photo Festival 2013!

We met lots of great folks, saw an insane amount of great photography, and had tons of fun. Festival Director Michael Weir even arranged for truly splendid weather during the opening weekend – which was nice of him. (He also took us to a whiskey tasting, which was even nicer ;). Frankly, the only thing I disliked about Belfast was the left-hand traffic – in retrospect it’s a miracle that I survived.

We also gave a talk on the topic “On My Mind – Spectacle and Photography” and presented a curated screening – both focusing on the festival theme of Spectacle in Photography – featuring a bunch of very talented emerging (and established) photographers from all around the world.

Our special thanks again to Michael, and to Peggy Sue Amison (Festival Board Member, Freelance Curator and Artistic Director of Sirius Arts Centre Cobh) for the invitation and this fabulous opportunity!

We would like to thank everyone who submitted work in our open call for ‚Spectacle‘!
There were many outstanding submissions, and regrettably by far more than we could include in the projection – unless we wanted it to run for seven hours. However, we would like to additionally feature some of the submitted work on ACMV in the coming weeks!

Screening by Actual Colors May Vary {ACMV} at Belfast Photo Festival 2013

Featured artists

in alphabetical order

…as well as 12 images from students at La Fundación Universitaria Bellas Artes in Medellín, Colombia, where Tom Griggs (Photographer / Educator / Founder of fototazo) teaches photography:

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