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C41 Photographic Magazine | Feature

A selection of my images are being featured on C-41 – an online magazine of photography, edited by Alek Dobrohotov and Luca Attilio Caizzi. Many thanks!

C41 is not an art gallery and it’s not a niche. It’s not subversion, yet it doesn’t claim to enclose authorship within the narrow spaces of authority. It’s not just images. It’s also interviews and projects of different kinds. In progress, thematic projects that involve all aspects of work, from research to social sharing.

C41 is an independent magazine published by the creative production company c41.eu, based in MILAN – AMSTERDAM – PARIS. Focused on contemporary issues from all over the world, it reflects the most outstanding visions of our time, by engaging new generations of style leaders at every touchpoint. We represent photographers and film directors that share our vision both in Italy, France and the Netherlands. We believe that every ordinary life makes an extraordinary story.

„Julia Schiller was born in 1980 and is a photographer and freelance art director based in Berlin, Germany. In her work she explores notions of silence and chaos, coincidence, freedom, choice and echoes thereof – questioning fragile human idiosyncrasies and variables such as alienation and intimacy, rationality and instinct. Her photographic work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and featured in a range of online publications.
Together with Oliver Schneider she is the founding editor of “Actual colors may vary” {ACMV} – an online magazine dedicated to showcasing and promoting distinctive work primarily from an international community of emerging photographers and artists.“

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