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ASPECT | Tactic Gallery

Curated by Stag & Deer
TACTIC Gallery / Cork, Ireland
Opening: October 18th, 2012, 7pm
Exhibition: Oct 19th – 26th, 2012

Participating artists:
Aija Bley, Cáit Fahey, Caroline McNally, Claudi Nir, Egor Rogelav, Hiko Uemura, Julia Schiller, Kristian Smith, Lee Barry, Lori Pond, Mariela Sancari, Michal Bar-Or, Muireann Brady, Oliver Schneider, Stefania Sapio

ASPECT is a group exhbition as part of THERE THERE – a photographic event in Cork City, curated by Stag & Deer and anchored by Viviane Sassen.
Launching on October 18th 2012, THERE THERE  brings more than 30 international, national and local lens-based artists under one banner. There are six different exhibitions with different concerns, sharing a common thematic framework, responses to ‚otherness‚.

ASPECT is curated by Pamela Condell & Padraig Spillane (Stag & Deer), Pamela Myers (Artistic Director, TACTIC), Tony O’Brian (RightBrain), Matt Packer (The Lewis Glucksman Gallery) and Sheelah Moloney (2020 Art Gallery).

Presented in the show was an image from my series Heat Haze.

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