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Local Colors May Vary (LCMV) | #1 Berlin

The first edition of Local Colors May VaryLCMV #1 Berlin – feat. emerging and established international photographers took place on Saturday, Nov 2nd 2013 at the lovely pub Das Gift in Berlin/Neukölln!

The photography screening, curated by LCMV (Julia Schiller & Oliver Schneider), was part of the annual art festival NACHTUNDNEBEL 2013 and was melodiously accompanied with live music by f.s.blumm – king of pling!

f.s.blumm composed two live sets à 30 min for that night — creating a melodic and atmospheric setting for the projected images. The author/musician f.s.blumm releases on several labels (morr-music, staubgold, pingipung .a.o.). He makes melodious experiments with anything he gets hold of. In short, “This man makes some damn charming music” —Pitchfork

Das Gift is an old Berliner style Kneipe which was taken over by a Scottish couple; one a musician (Barry Burns from Mogwai) and the other an artist (Rachel Burns). They decided to keep the bar as it was, complete with the tree & taxidermy birds installation created by the previous owner. Their bar has a separate smoking room. They believe in fair distribution of money for musicians and have paid GEMA since opening.

Our heartfelt thanks to all participants, artists, friends, to Frank Schültge aka f.s.blumm for his fantastic musical accompaniment, to the lovely folks at The Impossible Project Berlin for donating a couple of their fabulous instant films for classic Polaroid™ cameras – and of course to the loveliest of hosts, Rachel & Barry Burns from Das Gift in Berlin-Neukölln!

Our special thanks for the event photos to FRANK SILBERBACH and KATJA AVANT-HARD!

We can’t publish the entire slideshow of LCMV #1 online. However, you can find a list of all participating photographers of LCMV #1 BERLIN below, and we would like to encourage you to explore their work further via the links to their websites!
Selected series will also be featured on our online magazine for photography ACTUAL COLORS MAY VARY {ACMV} in the forthcoming weeks. Our thanks again to all contributing artists!


In order of appearance / * = pre-selected by us

Set #1 (30min)

Set #2 (30min)

LCMV #2 (theme tbd, possibly „Turkey“) is scheduled for February/March 2014.
If you’d like to take part in LCMV #2 – either as a photographer or as the live musician for that night – please follow LCMV on Tumblr and Facebook, and feel free to sign up to ACMV’s newsletter in order to be notified about the forthcoming call for entries.

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