FotoFilmic | Interview

In FILM TALKS #8 we talk to the lovely Virginie & Bastien from FotoFilmic about our work on Actual Colors May Vary {ACMV} – an online magazine for photography, Oliver Schneider and I run together – about film photography, music and other things. Thanks for this opportunity & your thoughtful questions! FotoFilmic’s FILM TALKS series is [...]

C-41 Photographic Magazine | Feature

A selection of my images are featured on C-41 – an online magazine of photography, edited by Alek Dobrohotov and Luca A. Caizzi. Thanks for that! C-41 is not an art gallery and it’s not a niche. It’s not subversion, yet it doesn’t claim to enclose authorship within the narrow spaces of authority. It’s not [...]

roseamer | Diptyque #106

I am glad that one of my photographs became an inspiration for one of roseamer‘s diptychs. Rose – whose name is not Rose but Alexia Chandon-Piazza – likes diptychs (obviously), letters of fallen trees and collecting quotes from her reading of the moment. She is also a prolific writer and artist. Check out her work [...]

UYW | Unless You Will Issue #22

Extraordinarily happy to see ‘Almost There‘ featured in uyw / Unless you will | Issue #22 – edited by artist/photographer Heidi Romano – alongside great work by Jeremy Dyer, Li Hui, Chris Round and Jon Horvath.

SMBHmag | Issue #9 Alternative Vision

SMBHmag Issue #9 | Alternative Vision, edited by Irish artist Barry W Hughes, features a couple of images from my series ‘Slightly Misplaced‘. Featured artists: Jordan Tate, Simone Massera, Aline Smithson, Tom Flynn, Jamie House, Peter Cibák, Olivia Bowman, James Parkin, Julia Schiller, Ellen Jantzen, David Thomas Smith, Katrin Korfmann, Mocksim, Bríd O’Donovan, Erin O’Keefe, [...]


Happy to have an image from my series ‘Almost There‘ featured on fototazo. fototazo is a unique site combining social giving and photography, and is edited by photographer/educator Tom Griggs, who currently lives in Medellín, Colombia where he teaches photography at La Universidad de Antioquia and at Fundación Univeritaria Bellas Artes.