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Fraction Magazine | Issue 38

Issue 38 – May 2012 – The Fourth Anniversary Issue

From the Editor:
For four years, Fraction Magazine has promoted talented photographers from across the globe. In four years I have published 38 issues featuring over 200 photographer portfolios. You have given these photographers an audience and supported them by viewing their work, giving feedback, and following their careers. To show my gratitude for your continued support and encouragement, I am dedicating the Fourth Anniversary Issue to you, Fraction’s photographically diverse readership. I have selected 60 images from over 1400 that were submitted (by 464 photographers) for consideration, and I am thrilled with the overwhelming number of strong and compelling photographs.

As Fraction moves forward, I will continue to work toward growing the audience for artists and supporting the amazingly rich photographic community. There are a lot of great things to come – thank you for your enthusiasm and your loyalty. Thank you for looking.


David Bram
Editor in Chief

The 60 photographers that were chosen are (in alphabetical order) :

Group 1 Heather Alexander, Jane Fulton Alt, Steven Alvarez, Collin Avery, Steven Beckly, Anne Berry, Cynthia Bittenfield, Richard Bram, Cody Bratt, Martin Brink, Juergen Buergin, Kelly Burgess, Caleb Cole, Dennis DeHart, Dan Depew

Group 2 Giancarlo Di Sotto, Mark Peter Drolet, Neta Dror, Susan Myhr Fritz, Dan Gerber, Joseph Gerhard, Shawna Gibbs, Tom Griscom, Charlotte Hedley, Ilya Ilyukhin, Tamara & Yoshi Kametani, Priya Kambli, Sarah Kobos, Eliza Lamb, Tamar Levine

Group 3 Sean Litchfield, Jennifer Loeber, Roger May, David McClain, Erin Meehan, Sarah Moore, Wynn Myers, Chris Nunn, Natalie Obermaier, Mark Olwick, Emma Powell, Anthony Prevost, Natalya Reznik, Taylor Russ, Julia Schiller

Group 4 Michael Sebastian, Jeff Seltzer, Anton Sokolov, Arthur Sysoev, Ahsley Suzanne Taylor, Alex Timmermans, Paco Ulman, Jory Vander Galien, Camila Verdiyeva, Todd Vinson, Paris Visone, Terri Warpinski, Toshiya Watanabe, Eldar Zeytullaev, Mengxi Zhang


This issue includes the 2012 Houston Center for Photography Fellowship Award winners, Isa Leshko and David Politzer. Click here to see the work and read the statements by Christopher Rauschenberg

Fraction Magazine

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